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Meet Nathan Health Care Providers

Nathan Health Care Providers is a stable and successfully operating network of private clinics since 2005.

We are proud of modern integrated approach at all stages of cooperation. The main achievement of Nathan Health Care Providers is the trust of our customers, built on honesty, openness to communication and willingness to help.

Health is the main value of humanity, and it is important for each of us to be sure that at any moment we will be able to receive qualified medical care.

To date, we have created all the conditions for comfortable and effective treatment, and we also support a flexible program of services, taking into account the interests of each client.

Nathan Health Care Providers are proud of:

10 years of impeccable reputation in the medical services market;

Innovative medical-diagnostic base;

Treatment of patients of all age groups ranging from infants to elderly people

Team of professionals, who have huge experience in treating patients

Our goals:

- Providing of a set of services aimed at preserving and improving health;

- Providing an individual approach to each patient

- Conscientious attitude;

- Highly professional team of specialists;

- Use of the highest standards of medical care;

- Optimization the quality of services provided in terms of efficiency and cost.

Our principles:

- An atmosphere of goodwill and attention to patients;

- Planning of convenient visits to the doctor;

- Observance of ethical norms;

- Respect for confidentiality. You can always rely on us;

- Compliance with international standards.

Our advantages among other health care providers:

- A wide range of services;

- Leading specialists;

- Effectiveness of treatment;

- High accuracy of diagnostics;

- Innovative equipment;

- Latest scientific developments and methods of treatment;

- Cozy atmosphere;

- Cooperation with insurance companies;

- Convenient location and work schedule.

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