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Choosing the Right Shoes for Pregnant Women

Is it possible to wear high-heeled shoes during pregnancy? A special feature of a pregnant woman is that during pregnancy, the center of gravity is displaced and the load on the spine is growing. In this regard, a pregnant woman might suffer from the pain in the legs and back. Also there may be a loss of coordination. In order not to expose your and your child's health to danger, you should you should forget about high-heeled shoes for a while, especially stilettoes. There are a lot of producers which make high quality and comfortable shoes suitable for pregnant women. Although these models aren’t cheap, it is worth purchasing them anyway if you take care of your health. it is possible to economize on the purchase if you find ecco or clarks shoes sale on the Internet. As a rule, it’s possible to buy quality shoes at a discount at the end of summer and during Christmas time.

The most suitable option for future mothers on the early stages of pregnancy are shoes with wide heels, not more than 3-4 cm high. Women who are in the first trimester of pregnancy are recommended to wear such shoes so as not to provoke a load on the back. It is worth considering the models with a small wedge or loafers. For winter season boots or ugg boots are ideal.

In later periods, it is better to pick the models without a heel, with a flat, riffled sole. Shoes should not slide on dirt, snow or ice.

The second trimester of pregnancy is the most difficult period for women, which is characterized by swelling and fast fatigue of the legs. To reduce these unpleasant symptoms, it is recommended to choose shoes with a round or blunt toe and with 2-3 cm heel, which will evenly distribute the load. As far as materials go, it is necessary to opt for soft leather, suede or fabric. If you have serious problems with your feet, it is advisable to purchase orthopedic shoes in a specialized store.

It is very important to take care of the baby's health during the final third trimester. Therefore, the choice of suitable footwear should be based on its reliability and comfort. In this period, it is important to remove the load from the feet as much as possible. It is advisable to wear ballet shoes, sneakers, loafers or ugg boots during the 3rd semester.

General rules for the choice of footwear for pregnant women

• Choose shoes from natural materials that will allow your feet to breathe on warm days and prevent them from freezing in winter.

• Shoes should not squeeze feet and disrupt blood circulation. Therefore, it is better to choose models with a wide, rather than a narrow toe.

• Buy orthopedic insoles that prevent the development of flat foot.

• Shoes for pregnant women should be stable and comfortable.

• When buying shoes, it is worth considering the possibility of leg swelling. Therefore, it is desirable to buy a new pair of shoes in the evening, when the feet are already a bit swollen.

• Shoes should be easily put on.

• Flip flops is not the best option since they can easily fall off your feet.

• It is worth choosing shoes with shock-absorbing midsole material.

• Sandals with unregulated straps are not suitable for pregnant women. They squeeze the blood vessels and disrupt the blood flow.

• It is advisable for each season to have several pairs of different shoes to reduce pressure on the same areas of your feet.

• You can purchase shoes one size larger than your usual size, because during pregnancy, legs can grow in size.

Nowadays, modern shoe stores offer a wide range of all kinds of shoes of different brands like Clarks, Skechers, Toms, etc. Choosing the most suitable models, you can ensure comfort and safety during pregnancy.

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